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US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad said he will continue to help promote green energy cooperation between Iowa and Hebei province.

"I will further push forward our practical cooperation on many aspects, especially on renewable and clean energy," Branstad, Iowa"s former governor, said when he went to Hebei on Sunday. Hebei is the first province he"s visited since his appointment in May.

During a meeting with Hebei Party chief Zhao Kezhi and provincial Governor Xu Qin, Branstad said he will further promote the friendly relationship between the two countries and help develop more communication and cooperation.

As Iowa"s former governor, he spoke highly of the great changes and achievements Hebei has gained during the past three decades.

The state of Iowa and Hebei province became sister state/provinces in 1983.

Since then, the bilateral ties have been strengthened through cooperation in the economic and trade fields, culture, education, public health and sports.

"Branstad is a good friend, and he has witnessed the ties between Hebei and Iowa grow stronger," Zhao said, adding that he looks forward to seeing more cooperative fruits that will be yielded.

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